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An Untraditional Approach To Changing Your Outlook on Life

Holistic Coaching

My view of therapy is that the relationship between the individual and the coach is the most important factor in determining the success of your experience.

Talk It Through

I look forward to helping you reinforce confidence and seek comfort in this stressful world while doing the work to assist with relief and understanding.

Life Coaching

Creating proactive steps to live the life you want, while living your truth.

About Me

I’ve been in the business for over 15 years. I’ve worked with all populations with an extensive background in geriatrics. I pride myself on my down to earth demeanor and my ability to empathize with anyone. I come from the streets of North Philadelphia where we had to find a way out of no way. It is my duty now to help others find their way. I am experienced in mental health, trauma, addictions, anxiety, and treating stress. I especially have experience in cognitive behavioral therapy and music therapy. I feel that music can be relaxing and I believe that music soothes the soul. I love hip hop and R&B and would love to explore the types of music that you may enjoy and will be beneficial during the music therapy portion of our experience. I also have a vast knowledge of the city’s resources such as local housing, food banks, rental assistance, financial advisers, shelters, domestic violence assistance, etc. I can also connect you with information on geriatrics such as long term services: home health agencies, food programs, housing repairs, elder abuse hotlines. I would love to assist with obtaining referrals on any of the services mentioned. I’ve worked as a traveling social worker for 6 years, I am fully capable of navigating Philadelphia and the surrounding counties. I am a caring, sensitive, and empathetic therapist who is optimistic about life. I want nothing more for you to be optimistic as well. I look forward to helping you reinforce confidence and seek comfort in this stressful world while doing the work to assist with relief, understanding, and change. I enjoy learning and talking about plants and herbs that may assist with your healing journey. Just call me Plant Monnie! 

Whom Do We Service?


Individual Coaching

Individual sessions are the framework that allows for a deeper exploration of issues identified by you, without the need to counterbalance the needs of others. People can come and speak freely.

Couples Coaching

I  look to provide a neutral ground to facilitate helpful dialogue. I bring hope and practical suggestions to the sessions; you bring a desire to learn new skills and make concrete, healthy changes in your relationship.

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Areas of Expertise


When you’re depressed it can seem almost impossible to imagine that something can be done to help you.


It’s common to feel reluctant to want to come in and talk about trauma. In fact, many people avoid it.


I start where you are. Whether you want to cut back or are seeking total abstinence, I will support you.

healthy eating habits
  • A Plan 
  • No Food Guilt 
  • Emotional Eating
  • Acknowledgement
  • Guidance
  • Collaborative Support
  • Panic Attacks
  • Phobias
  • Social Anxiety

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